The transport speed of 20 km / h, operating speed of 10 km / h. Removes wheat, barley and canola. Hopper capacity 3000 liters. Included header for grain crops. Dust, footprints, dirt, mirror, animated driver, lighting equipment. Animated shafts, pulleys, etc., There are the effects of harvesting, unloading. Removable bars on the cockpit key (R). Accessories: stacker (pack straw into round bales), Pun (crushes straw chaff). For a more comfortable work with the additional equipment is provided in the processor forced off the effects of straw (key Eng. K). Poon is equipped with freely rotating (for easy turning on autopilot) towbar. Additional device. Equipment based on the standard analog (baler harvester and trailer), so some of them were extra keys (lower / raise drill pipe)

}I{EKA, Кирюха

SK_5M_NIVA_PACK.zip – 21.2 MB

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