СК-5 М Нива пак


Combine harvester with the equipment, the direction of travel shows dust and leaves tracks, with more and get dirty (clean).

The previous description is archived on the site to comment!

In this version of the changes made:
– Added Header sunflower;
– Added Combine Corn;
– Added the filling hopper;
– Customizable mouse camera;
– To speed up the rotation of the pulleys;
– Altered running CVT;
– Animated stacker;
– Added support for the straw of rye and oats;
– Has registered crops: corn, sunflower, rye, oats;
– Fixed position bale stacker at work on different maps;
– The PUN added rye and oat straw, processing is still in the chaff.

Виталий Забабурин.

SK_5M_NIVA_PACK_2.zip – 24.1 MB

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