Bjornholm JCB Map V 1.2







Hello …. It is finished … Here I present now my card Bjorn Holm JCB V 1.0 before.

I thank all the modders that provide numerous mods online.

It will need the following mods:
– Water Milk Transporter
– Cattle Trailer
– Barntner XL Ülw v 2.1 out of Rosenthaler_ROS
– Diesel Trailer: – 5.2 MB

Let’s get to MapFacts:
– Compost Master
– Seed Master
– Manure / dung sale
– Manure / dung / Lime Mod
– Fertilizer and lime purchase
– Pig farm v3.2.5b
– Food storage
– WaterMod V3.1.5
– ChoppedStraw v15.03
– Animals are now at Ho f
– BGA rebuilt
– Doors with opening times
– Rebuilt dealer
and so on.

Download content:
– Krampe BBS900
– Kröger HKD302
– Brantner E8041
– Radladerschaufel
– Tele loader bucket
Download the Can anything be found on the map.

Have fun while playing.

JCB2904 – 599.2 MB

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