1966 Custom Chevy 4×4 Car V 1.0

Color selectable
Matches Wheel Color body
Animated Bauer
Animated parts (doors, windows, engine, rear hatch)
Wooden removable racks
2700 Capacity
Wheat, canola, corn, barley, chaff, potatoes, sugar beet, silage, wood chips
Lock objects in cargo area
Lights function
Wheel tracks / dust
Dirty / Washable
Trailer coupling
Four-wheel drive
120 km / h
$ 15.750 / $ 20
No Protokollfehler

Version 1.0 changes:
-Added Terrain tires
-Changed on four-wheel drive
Suspension and vehicle performance changes
Minor cosmetic changes
-New store pic

Turn10 (DriverSF) MODALL —— Author / Author 3D model
MODALL ————————- Conversion and game FS2015 / conversion and game LS2015
Sven777b ———————– Scripts
Geri-G ————————- Scripts
PeterJ ————————- Scripts
Giants ————————- wheel tires
EZP —————————- Stuff

Custom66ChevC10.zip – 11.6 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    Simply AWESOME! Way to take an already good mod and make it better! I also love that you gave credit to the original author(s)/modder(s). Keep up the great work! I hope to see more mods from you.

  2. Farmer Nash says:

    Great truck good speed,acceleration,grip to the ground, and what makes it a true chevy, pulling power and torque.

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