69 GMC V1.0


This is an old farm truck.Mind it isnt the highest quality mod but it is bretty nice for a run-about.

Base Mod:Reaper9111, And Giants
Darkened smoke:Me
Model into GE:Me
Store pic:Me
Sketchup model:CJ

GMC69.zip – 26.3 MB

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  1. Farmer Nash says:

    this is just what i been looking for, a old FOUR-WHEEL-DRIVE Chevy/GMC truck. I am gonna admit it , it has problems. The truck has a acceleration a little too quick, its a good thing i have drive control to turn down the acceleration rate. The truck does not like the low loader bumper pull trailer based on the pj pack. it will drive nicely with the trailer empty, but you load a small cabless tractor on the trailer and the truck acts like it has no grip to the road on the rear axle ( i don’t know if it was because i was driving down a very steep hill,Slowly, but when i try to turn the truck goes straight and then the rear axle swings out. I would like to see a v2 of this truck where i can pull a bumper pull trailer with ease. Oh and the camera in the first person view is backwards.

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