Ackendorf v1.2

Here are some facts on the Map:
– New, no conversion!
– Standard Mapgröße
– 62 boxes of different sizes
– Of course, applied fields, therefore only partly friendly helper!
– Purchasable objects such as 2nd Hof, MixFeeder more.
– Logistics Center with production
– Fruit farm production
– To expand, merge or create new fields
– Fertilizer factory with production
– Consecutive production of various commodities.
– For producing goods: lettuce, cauliflower, tomatoes, mushrooms, plum, cherry, boards pallets, empty pallets, cardboard (packaging) pallets, greenhouse seed, liquid fertilizer, food, meat, compost …
– MixFeeder
– Animated animals
– Ai transport (cars / pedestrians / trains)
– Traffic lights
– Mast equipment V5 (Pigs / bark / sheep / lamb / chicken / cow)
– Egg-laying station
– Drover
– CowWaterMod installed (Keep out separately in mods folder are!)
– Mixing station
– Digital and manual level indicators
– Automatic access control including traffic lights.
Distributed signs with helpful information about the entire map –
– Many new items (shop, sales, etc …)
– 2 BGAs
– 2 sawmills (Standard / Marhu)
– Outdoor silos
– Extensive forest areas
– Manure / dung / Lime Mod (not compatible with SoilMod!)
– ChoppedStraw Mod
– GreenFertilzer Mod
– Intermediate crops clover / alfalfa
– Mapsilobänder for virtually any warehouse
– Manual feed stores
-. Div movable Mapobjekte
– Transport emissions with new merchandise
– Mähmissionen
– Manure storage
– Automatic and manual barriers, gates, etc.
– … And much more: D

Required Mods:
– MultiMowingMod
– ChoppedStrawMod
– GreenFertilizerMod
– GülleMistMod
– MapBuyableObject v3.3
– MapAmpeln
– 64erFix
– AnimationMapTrigger
– MixFeeder
– Multifruit
– MultiFruitModule_Ackendorf (included with the MapPack!)
-. Reach truck including pallet forks (If the MapPack at!)

Recommended Mods:
– Fortuna Trailer Pack
– StopMilkSale Mod
– AutoCombine

The MapPack is a reach truck including pallet forks.
In order for the high shelves can be operated at the logistics center.
The vehicle does not correspond to the real model!
Unfortunately, the pallets in LS not record from the side, so that the truck had to be built wider than it was originally planned.

The pallet fork is equipped with the UAL script for automated pallet picking.
The script has been extended by us to the new palettes, so it can all pallets are taken.
The same is true for our Fortuna PB10 from the trailer package.

The truck has lighting, own sound, a fork and a camera max. Working height of 13 meters.
It is an electric truck!
Because electric vehicles are technically readily possible uses of ‘Small’ nor diesel but we are working there on a solution.
The “tank volume” is 100 liters which later should correspond to 100% charge capacity of the battery.
In order to “recharge” the forklift to charging stations are distributed in Logistics Center.
Just pure driving backward and press the appropriate button.
The “Load” the battery takes a correspondingly long time.
The truck is in the shop under MODs – to find> Miscellaneous!

The map runs in SP and MP error free, only on the Dedi Server there are 2 Warnings that can not be prevented.
These affect the gameplay in any way and may be ignored)

Known bugs:
– When you reach truck sometimes the pallet fork stuck, which can be corrected by a simultaneous forward / high or Previous / down motion.
We have up to now can not figure out where the problem lies there but by the UAL script kept the pallets and can be good anyway so
to work. We stay tuned to the bow and if you because what should occur, please schreibts us in the Support Post 🙂

Full credit list is the file!

Ackendorf_v12_ENTPACKEN.rar – 613.6 MB

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