Agpro Trailer Package v1.0 Demo

Hi all, in the serie of modrelease I release today our Agpro Trailer Pack.
Please read the discription very well! I wil not give support when the solution is in the description.

Agpro is a company based in Holland, they make truck and tractor trailers. These trailers from Agpro BV are specially made to suit the customer! They have many options to make transportation easy. The trailers are equipped with leaf springs and good lighting. These trailers are very strong and you can use them for both transporting bales and transport to other large goods. Customize the trailer to your own style! Choose your own wheels in the hardpoint workshop, and give the trailer your favorite color! There are 3 flatbed trailers: 2 axel, 3 axel and the 4 axel trailer.

The Pack contains:
-2 Axel flatbedtrailer (small)
-3 Axel flatbedtrailer (medium)
-4 Axel flatbedtrailer (big
-3 Axel low unloader (Trailer with bunker for transporting fruits)

Functions and scripts:
-Moving Parts
-Animated Parts
-Fillable (3 Axel low unloader)
-Switchable Wheels (Hardpoint extention needed!! Link below !! )
-Special ‘ Straw ‘ -dirt (The loadingpart gets dirty with straw Authors:
Model: Beunheas
Textures: Beunheas
Ingame: Jantjetennis
Scripts: StefanMaurus, Geri-G and Face, Giants, Beunheas, Jantjetennis, Fa285634
Testing and pictures: Vario Farming, LS Pics by BluePowersz, DannyCas, Kleine Zot

Big thanks to all you guys who worked on this mod, couldn’t do it without you!

For those who only read the red letters because they like red:
You need Hardpoint extention to use this trailer!

It is not allowed to edit this mod and reupload this mod again!
It is not allowed to convert this mod to FS17!
It is not allowed to use any parts from this mod for other not private purposes!
For the 20% of the people who respect my work: Use my link when uploading on your own site! Thanks…

Most Important: Have fun while playing!

Required mods:
Hardpoint Extention by Xentro:

Direct links:
Download links:

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