Here is my first map I have created from the ground alone.
it has been currently built on a 4-fold map, and is made in the course of time bit by bit bigger and there will be added new functions.
until now is on the map multifruit (oats, rye, sunflower), chopped straw and been installed soilmod.
I got myself mostly objects / gebeaude / and further from the Frankenlandmap, Grazyland, Suedthyringenmap and Meyenburg.
currently are on the map 30 boxes of small – to find medium sized as numerous meadows and outlets.
A big thanks goes to the Giants and the LS15 forum zocker group who could answer questions me a lot and helped me with problems, and of course at the Mapper to the generated maps where I have the objects gebeaude etc ago.
I do not want to reveal too much, it plays and explores the world.

Keiner – 493.6 MB

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