Today, the MR Junkys would like to introduce in collaboration with the allbeliebten Mod Temple a new (old) Map.
One sits in the evening Ts, talks about how good but older versions LS waren.Da flashed but equal to a thought by the Kopf.Warum we do not get the good old LS 2008 after LS 2015th
Not thinking long and rangeklotzt.

the Map!
Standard types of fruit
-an outlet (port)
-Biomasse Power plant
-Holzverkauf The harbor

Biogas plant
Important !!! It needed as it is a 1to1 Replica Replica no Zusatzmods !!!
The heist: It is the original default Map ausm 08er all buildings converted and cleaned! – 109.6 MB
Ich Scania 2011 – 109.6 MB

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