Agricultural Farm v1.0

Our small contractors play on this Map.
She was one of us gestalltet according to our needs.
In the V1 errors can show up and they tell us we were in the V2 can fix.

Required Mods:
mix feeder
Kotte Universal Pack
Fliegl transportation Pack
Fliegl Livestock Pack
Animated Map Trigger

Have a lot of fun at the games
MfG LU_Happach

Modell: V1
Textur: V1
Script: V1
Idee / Konzept:LU_Happach
Tester: LU_Happach – 712.9 MB

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2 Responses

  1. farmer88 says:

    very nice map, but this have a problem, it’s have a graphic lag

  2. Jams says:

    just doing the coins , but have 3 i cant take.
    1. top left of 36 the lake by 13 top left

    3.up over 25 in the grey area.

    any tip on how to get them

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