Agro Region New Version


Welcome to the new and refreshed version by Region Agro Agro Tom. First map odchudziłem from 550MB to 380, optimized for weak computers (on the old laptop 45-50fps with 2GB of RAM and a 512 mb card)
I added the movement of cars and people, changed the village, I added 2 purchase, corrected landscape maps and made one multifunctional farm set on a cow.
What map has
+ Movement of people, cars
+ Village, buying-2, AGROMA and biogas
+ In every buying and biogas is the weight works as it should
+ Multifunctional agro-breeding farm
+ 40 fields with a total area 150h (+/-)
+ Manure, lime and manure v2
+ Real mud on the fields 🙂

D1zZyY/ Agro Tomek

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