Alignment Helper V 1.1

alignment-helper (1)

alignment-helper (2)


Version 1.1
+ Width will be displayed + Faster adjustment of the width while holding down the SHIFT key

Virus (LR)


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4 Responses

  1. FeteFatale says:

    This is very useful … it stops me meandering all over the field too.

    One small problem – the image store.png needs resizing to a power of 2 (2^n) such as 512*512 or 1024*1024 otherwise it may not show up in store.

  2. Daniel says:

    This mod isn’t working for me. I have believe I have installed it correctly, but when I press crtl+rightClick nothing happens. I am not using any tractors or machinery from other mods, just what came with the game. What could be going wrong? I don’t have any other script mods, just some extra machines.

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