Animals for sosnovka map v1.0

Animal addon for Sosnovka map.
this gives the map pigs and cattle chickens2 and storage.
You may think where is he / she going to fit this on the map as there is not alot of Flatspace to Build
so my solution what to dump a load of dirt into the lake / pond near the farm and build the pigs and cattle
So chickens2 there with some storage. So there is a sellpoint to sell the animals in village.
The chicken2 Can Be Brought from the shop so the pigs and cattle.
I wanted the chickens2 so That I could use the placable egg laying station.
Hope you enjoy.

pinguar marthu rc-devil farmer andy – 76.6 MB

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2 Responses

  1. piwko243 says:

    Super!!! Like all mods from pinguar

  2. Christopher says:

    how can I install this mop to work in my mods or map

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