Animated cast with function v1.0

good Morning
Here I present to you now my animated cast incl. Palette collectors available.
It is based on Mahru’s factory script and presents stone palettes forth for the sale at all locations that accept even wool pallets.
The concrete plant is not plecable and thus must be fitted with the GE.
Input goods are sand, gravel, lime and stone
A detailed installation instruction is attached under the Mod ReadMe_german
Who therefore is not clear can write me via Pm.
I explicitly point out these are the installed mods and scripts not mine.
All the modders whose mods and scripts I’ve built my heartfelt thanks

Mahru´s FabrikScript und PalettenSammler andere Modder sind mir nicht bekannt. – 23.3 MB

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  1. tindric says:

    how does it works? i have installed it with GE.
    I can fill all the trigger but it doesn’t produce anything.
    can someone help me? thanks

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