Anna Burger MT 75 Multitank v1.0


I was looking for a start on the Map Ackendorf a barrel, which is not so big and so expensive.
Said and done. After about 2 days the Annaburger MT 75 was finished.
There is to our knowledge, NO real model!

With this mod we leave officially of LS15.

– Complete new building
– LED Beleuchtng
– Transport and overloading all liquids Ackendorf Map
installed animated parts –
installed digital display –
– Label depending on the charge
– washable
– Volume: 7500 liter
– Selectable indicator
– Separately switchable working light behind the trailer
– Loads: milk, water, fuel, liquid fertilizer, yeast, manure and any other liquid,
if it is because according to installed and registered on the map!
– Emptying possible

Have fun with it: bg:
This mod may not be offered on every page to download but please only ORIGINAL LINK!


Modell: [FSM]Atabogo / [FSM]Chefkoch
Textur: [FSM]Chefkoch
Script: Blackburner, Marhu, Blacky_BPG, [FSM]Chefkoch
Idee / Konzept: [FSM]Team
Tester: [FSM]Team, Mister Mojo

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