This mod lets you add your own road sign design regardless of its size or shape.
It is for map makers.

This is done by just replacing a image file of the sign you have designed.
You can then if needed adjust the size of the sign in the Giants editor, this is made easier for you as the scale of the sign is 1 in the editor = 1m & 0.75 = 750mm and so on.

The mod is made up of just two simple parts a 3d post and a blank plane that you can add a image to.
You can add as many 3d posts and image planes as you like you have full freedom to resize and move any part how you like.

This way you can have as many signs on one post or as many posts on one sign as you like.

In the download you get 4 basic sign layouts

And a sign making kit to make your own layouts

You can edit any of the above layouts as you wish by adding or removing posts/signs and resize as you wish.
Each sign has two faces a front and a back each has its own image file so you can display a different image on the back giving you full freedom.

Also the same set of signs above but with example signs already scaled is included in the download.

There will be a in depth tutorial of how to make your sign look just like the real life sign using the correct images and font as shown in the example signs.

Dorset – 5.8 MB

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  1. Lloyd O Boyette says:

    The sign design is brilliant! This was exactly what I was looking for to include in my map project, however, unfortunately did not work with GE 7 or inside FS17. I realize that this was designed for 15… was just hoping that it would migrate over. I get several error messages about triangles not being 2^n. Also, in game from a distance looks extremely distorted.

    Is there a way to port the original file over to GE7?

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