Balkanska Dolina v1.4.6 SoilMod

Balkanska Dolina is map made like west Balkan Region.

Version with SoilMod

Map was work for Dedicated Server.
Map have 2 Farm’s. You start on little farm, and then if you won, you can
go to the Big Farm.
Map have 26 Buyable field’s.
On map you can sowing and harvesting:
*Sugar Beet
On map have 5 Animal tipe:

You can finde 2 Forest on map, and a lot of mud.
Map use milk and water mod for cow’s.
You can drive and sell SAND.
Mod’s thet map use:

Team Speak IP:

Xeptic Modding Team (Jukka)

Direct links:
Download links:

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