Here at last the long awaited Bantikow Final for LS 2015.

AndiScania, Tommi-1 and Rick

Bantikow_Final_entpacken.rar – 253.7 MB

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5 Responses

  1. Jaeden says:

    Havn’t changed a thing in the folder, I have tried it un-packed and packed… Neither time has any of the gates worked, i have 0 other mods on so there is no way of conflicting things.. Any idea?

    • Peter says:

      I can’t get the timed gates to open either, if you’re asking about the gates where the tractors and combine are, you need the animation map trigger mod. There are so called timed gates at the sell points, but the only one that opens for me is the wood chips sell point. It’s a great map, but the sell point gates don’t work, so I can’t play on it.

  2. luisdk says:

    it seems like a great map but i can´t open the gates at the shop where we buy machinery. plz help.

  3. catalin says:

    Hey , why can not open doors to the barn and farm gates ?

  4. Claus says:

    you guys need map door trigger to open doors

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