BAXLEY v1 map

Fixed some terrain issues.
Allowed travel around some hills.
Added different style road hills.
Cowzone BGA was raised (couldnt empty last 1%.
Added storage for manure and grass/windrow/chaff at greenHouse area.
Added Lumber Mill (requires straw or chips for fuel) and of course trees for lumber.

This is BAXLEY
A 4x map with rolling hills 7 new crops, beef, pig, lamb, chicken fattening mods and 3 greenhouses.
The map terrain is based off of South Georgia but I added a few extra details to make it better looking.
Crops installed are:
Cotton – uses round head!
Oat – uses round head!
Soybean – uses round head!
Millet – uses round head!
Sorghum – uses flat head!
SugarCane – uses round head!
Sunflower – uses flat head!
Game menu will only show growth stages on first 5. Wish I knew a fix.
There are 5 farms to eliminate excess hauling across the map.
There is plenty of room to place your own buildings and store your equipment.
Installed mods:
1. Soilmanangement mod (read intructions inclosed)
2. ChoppedStraw mod
3. pig beef chicken lamb fattening (lamb also requires milk for production but will reach 100% without)
4. Water Mod (increases production by 10%)
5. Market to purchase animals cheaper (you still have to haul them to farm)
6. Pallet Spawn Wool Collector
7. Compost soil machine (makes manure)
8. Tomato, cabbage, & lettuce green houses. (Requires wheat for seed, water, fuel, & fertilizer from blue barrels) You can sale the pallets at greenHouse or spinnery.
There are 4 files inside the zip.
1. BAXLEY – Map
2. – place in mod folder
3. ZZZ_multiFruit – place in mod folder
4. ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard
5. Soilmanagement instructions.
6. MapInfo.txt
Required mods:
1. AnimationMapTrigger needed for chicken house doors to operate
2. ChoppedStraw mod-–2 If your computer lags, you can leave this one out, but adds a nice touch to harvesting
3. SoilManagement zip- adds a unique experience to the games farming. Read the Instructions text

A big thanks to Robert Johnson & his family for the many hours they spent testing this map and putting up with my changes!

Many Thanks to these guys below for their mods and help:
American Eagles Modding Team
Fs-UK modding Team
Mike Lowery
RC Devil
Daniel Wollschläger
Jakob Tischler
NI Modding
Jon Cable
OGC modding
Tiago Pilento
Lazy Mod Studios
Bernie SCS
If I forgot anyone please email me, I’ll be glad to add you to the list of creators.
But seriously
Thank you – 658.2 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Kevin Zelenko says:

    Map will not load

  2. Ben says:

    Does this map work with multiplayer?

    Because me and my mate tried but he gets stuck and cant move.

  3. Cli nt says:

    this game will not work in multiplayer, when the second player loads in, they cannot move

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