Pickup raise / lower: press V to enable pick up / off: Press B Unloading: button Q work lights on / off: Press NUMPAD open 6 Häckselklappe / Close: Press K / M and right mouse buttons Knickdeichsel Up / Down: Press Y / N and left mouse button – Special features: ————————— Chaff-Plane: fills normal (h LS.) – empties but as the real unloading feeder-PS on the PU (pickup): PS for different grass and hay the miner has a top speed when recording ~ => go to step 1 when loading grass / hay (just as long as the pickup is 20km / h below

Modell: Kanalratte
Reifen: 3xitus
Textur: Kanalratte
Script: fruktor, HeadshotXXL, SFM – 4.9 MB

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