Bielefeld v2.1

Welcome on Bielefeld Mod contest 2015 V2.1


– Fixed getting manure out of cowshed at farm 1/ main farm
– Added collision to sellpoint at trainstation.
– Field 168 moved a stone out of field.
– Fixed hardpoint trigger.
– Removed grass on the roads at pigfarm
– Fixed manure pit at pigfarm
– Fixed floating tree.
– Fixed field duplicatios field 81
– Added userAttributes to manurepit filltrigger farm 2/rindermast.
– Added userattributes to Manure farm 2/rindermast.
– Fixed strawplanes farm 2/rindermast

Sorry that it took so long to finish the V2, I had some issues with my PC, map and I was busy with school. But it`s finally here, and I hope you will all enjoy the map.


4 Farms


Sugarbeet/Potato farm

calf farm

UPK Sugarbeet/Potato farm

Hardpoint workshop
2 forests
Garden centre
Lots of sellplaces
1 sawmill
Fabrikscript Sawmill
GMK ready
Potato washer
Milk sellpoint
Universal farms
Really nice landscape with lots of detail
Buyable fields
Choppedstraw ready
169 Fields

Use these mods if you want to get more out of the map.


Were can I sell straw?
You can sell it at the small farm next to the shop on the hill in the little shed, or you can sell it at the small farm in front of the forest.
The helper doesn`t drive straight?
The map uses the script “Mehr Textur Winkel” that allows to have nicer textures when you are cultivating or ploughing you land, you can fix this issue by using the mod “Compass mod: Download link”
Where can i fill my seeder?
You can fill it at the cow farm in the green shed on the drive way of the farm or at the Garden Centre.
Where is the Fruit storage?
The Storage building is place between Forest 1 and the Train station in a little brick building.
Do I have to sell the milk myself?
Yes you can, but it`s automatically being sold once a day.
Do i need to start a new save game?
Yes you have to start a new save game, the V2 is changed so much that you can`t stay on you old one.
How do i open the doors of the sheds?
You have to use the mod “AnimationMapTrigger: Download link”
Where are the rinder located?
They are located at farm 2.
Where can i get the cow manure?
you can find the cowmanure in the farm shed, you have to get i out there with a tractor and put it on the heap next to the shed.

-Did you like the map, or do you have Question or bug reports go to:-

Facebook: T7070power

Sorry guys, my English is not the best.

T7070power wishes you lots of fun in Bielefeld V2.

This map can`t be uploaded on other websites without my permission!
This map can be edited for private use only!
You are not allowed to copy/paste areas of this map to you own!
Only use original download link!

Respect modders, they put lots of hours in mods/maps that you are using!

Map: T7070power & Kesboer
Special thanks to: Wopster, fruktor, Lohnunternehmen wild and all the people who made the objects and did the testing!
Facebook: T7070power
Website Lohnunternehmen: Lohnunternehmen wild
Respect the modders, big thanks to alll the people who made the objects and the building, without you guys the map wouldn`t have been so gut as it is now!

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