Birkenfeld v1.0

Hi this is my first map. At her I have tried a lot and learned. The end comes out a flawless map. She has 3 economic cycles agriculture, forestry and oil. All buildings and functions without errors. It is not built much decoration which the map should run beautifully well on old computers. If say but someone should find an error please bbescheid because only if I know that I do something wrong I can get out of it. constructive criticism is erwünst.

food storage
Sawmill (Marhu)
Oil economy (Castor)
Animated Doors
Available ads
and much more…

Ein besonderer Dank geht an Marhu für seine vielen Gebäude, Fabriken und Scripte. Es ist schon etwas länger als ich die map baute. Daher kann ich leider nicht mehr sagen wo ich welches Teil her habe. Wenn jemand in die Credits möchte einfach bescheid sagen

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3 Responses

  1. MikeH says:

    Thank you for the new map! Here are a few things I’ve found: 1) You can’t reset equipment from the dealer to the farm–I get a message that says there are too many vehicles at the farm. lol.; 2) There doesn’t seem to be any fertilizer at the farm; 3) There doesn’t seem to be any seeds at the farm; and 4) on a large map like this, I suggest you give the players some better equipment to begin with.
    Thanks and keep working on this map.

  2. stijn says:

    how do you open the gate??

  3. lebox says:

    Animation map trigger is required to open gates, halls, doors

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