This week I had the idea to convert the standard map Bjorn Holm. Those like me who (also standard) knows the Wesrbridge Hills Map, Favour perhaps even square, helper-friendly fields. In Westbridge Hills I had already on my server (BGA; forestry & agriculture) festellen that the helpers leave it there for a lot less. Thus, increases the efficiency and you do not have to drive, so that nothing remains.

My savegame provides:

Pressure Washer near each discharge station
Helper Friendly Fields
More meadows for grass
A considerable fleet
Stocked deposits
And new: no more obstacles to the field ends which interfere with the helper and you now have a lifelong supply of bales.

1. Changes Downloads Download
2. Add files from the zip folder to an empty folder Savegame-
3. In the game you can load the savegame
4. have fun

If you want to buy you machines, ye can some grain to sell or you just use your huge balance (real generated), so you can decide which vehicles your own want themselves. There are no annoying, underpowered Maschienen more. You include all fields (left otherwise) and you will a lot of freedom.
Power with the map what makes you fun, I hope they do not like it because this was the first my second mod. Maybe the last.

For questions contact me via Modhoster or comes to my server when it is open. (BGA; Forestry & Agriculture)
Password if available: 123

My numerous players – 1.6 MB

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