Bjorn Land Map V 4.2






Bjorn country V4.2 map has got all the animals on or near the farm.
There is now 7 different animals to look after Including the following.
cows sheep chickens pigs cattle lambs chickens2.
some fields are now bigger Including a new field on top of the hill near the farm animals.
new building for the wool sell the place is Spinnery Which is in the town area.
So fermenting silos on farm and in the bga areas.
other things on the map are the feed gates and seeds master, Seed and fertilizer warehouse and composting planned
water mod, wool collector.

marthu pinguar farmer andy rc-devil – 474.4 MB

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9 Responses

  1. Maryjusz says:

    how open doors ?? animation map trigger dont work on map ?

  2. Neil Roberts says:

    when you buy an item from the shop like a front loader attachment it sinks into the ground and you cannot use it

  3. Simi says:

    Bro how to open the Door without a Car,when I park the tractor the door goes so fast that I can not get out.Do I need to delete my map trigger or what?Are your trigger inside,how to fix that “front loader attachment” what Neil said?Please help us you have made this Mod so please tell us how to fix that!

  4. Freestate Farmer says:

    The map crashes after long play. I even deleted all mods and play with standard machines and still GE crashes. My other maps works fine. I’m playing now V4.1 and no problems. Something gone wrong with this version ” marthu pinguar farmer andy rc-devil ” This is the first time your maps does it and I have been a fan since the first one. Fix please.

  5. Daniel says:

    How do you install this?

  6. Szűcs Pál says:


    Azt szeretném kérdezni hogy ahol van a tehénnek az istálló ott az érme az hol van elrejtve ?

  7. Tyg says:

    How do you use maps

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