Bjornholm JCB Map V 1.0





Hello …. It is finished … Here I present now my card Bjorn Holm JCB V 1.0 before.

I thank all the modders that provide numerous mods online.

It will need the following mods:
– Water Milk Transporter
– Cattle Trailer
– Barntner XL Ülw v 2.1 out of Rosenthaler_ROS
– Diesel Trailer – Download here

Let’s get to MapFacts:
– Compost Master
– Seed Master
– Manure / dung sale
– Manure / dung / Lime Mod
– Fertilizer and lime purchase
– Pig farm v3.2.5b
– Food storage
– WaterMod V3.1.5
– ChoppedStraw v15.03
– Animals are now at Ho f
– BGA rebuilt
– Doors with opening times
– Rebuilt dealer
and so on.

Download content:
– Krampe BBS900
– Kröger HKD302
– Brantner E8041
– Radladerschaufel
– Tele loader bucket

Download the Can anything be found on the map.

Have fun while playing.

JCB2904 – 539.7 MB

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Download links:

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  1. gulee says:

    the map is great, except 2 things: long loading times 10m more less, and another thing, i cant fill the sawing machine. Loading time is not THAT big issue, but filling the sawing machine is. If maybe you know how to fill it, please, let me know. Other that that, map is fantastic, no fps drop, no nothing, works just fine

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