Bjornholm Mining And Construction Economy Map V 1.2

heaps for stone, coal and sand accept conveyor belt, if conveyor belt accept stone, coal and sand. fix missing textures fix mutiplayer warnings issues fix containers fly when play in multiplayer in construction area fix the fence in BGA fix the weighbridge in BGA and in the mine.

watermod, kalkmod, fermentingsilo.lua: Marhu
Stockages: chtiseb
Building Materials: Viper123
Waterstation: LsPrO
Concrete factory: VAHA
Lime/kalk factory (Sugar Factory Nordzucker): El_Cid
GOLDMASTER: dajnet mods
CompostMaster: Andy1978
And me: Nonnus – 463.5 MB

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4 Responses

  1. oli says:

    merci pour le mods

  2. ROBERTO says:

    Mr. author, found that its construction map which by the way is very good, does not save the the machinery and the evolution, already managed to solve this failure?

    • roberto says:

      Mr. author, I apologize for the failures of comments on your map, in reality the fault is in one or two mods machinery, which he used on this map do not saçva files on the map.
      they are LIEBHERR_9800 and CAT966G_LS15.
      Thank you!

  3. Rick says:

    If I use something from some one else map is it ok just to put it in the Arthur section or would it be more respectful to ask them if I could use there item?

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