consisting of Seedcart, seeders and Fertilizercart with a working width of 23 meters vcon
It consists of three separate elements.

1. Fertilizercart serves as Sprayer
2. Airseeder direct seed
3.Seedcart Attrape only for optics

Modell: Jerrico Knagstedt Textur: Jerrico Script: Idee / Konzept: Icke – 32.4 MB

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  1. Zac says:

    To the creator of “BOURGAULT AIO V 1.0” we love this mod and have recently got farming sim 17 and would like to run it on 17 but we are not sure how to transfer it if u could you could do that that would be great also when you transfer it can you pls fix a minor problem we would like fertiliser cart up the front bar in the middle and seed cart at the back and be able to hire a worker with it set up like that thank you
    Pls contact me through [email protected] or send me a text on 0429 405 348

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