Bridges Set v1.0

Here is a slightly revised
from me, it comes from my
Vorgänger_Version (Brücken_Set).

What was changed?
1. Bridge 2m-10m height (2.4 … etc) and approximately 34,5m long
2. Bridge 2m-10m height (2.4 … etc.) and about 69m long

So each 5 placeable bridges … 🙂
!!! The pack must be unpacked !!!
Pack includes 10 zip files ….
Bridges are geeigent for Standart Map’s …
Sosnovka_Test River: successfully
Bjornholm_Test river / lake: successfully
Westbridge Hills_Test village pond … :): successfully
Bridges can also be located on different maps!
The rest of the pictures explain
Mod’s created with: – Giants_Editor,, Notepad
So it was again decided by me, you have to ….;)

gibt keine

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