Budenhagen Map V 0.5 Beta



On the server, not tested. I would like to thank all the modders: Items without their buildings and for me a map construction would not be possible. Suggestions for improvement I am always open, perhaps there is indeed one or the other of me can support.


Sudenhagen.zip – 545.2 MB

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  1. gabriel says:

    i downloaded this map but it wont show up in game

  2. jimmy says:

    open map and click on moddesc and see at the top what version it is. I had on some maps that the version was 21. so I copy the moddesc and paste it to desktop. then I right click mouse and edit it . In my case I change the version from 21 to 20 because my farming simulator 2015 is version 20 . so close out moddesc and save. and put back in map folder .and overrite . put your map in mods and it should work. some maps you do all that it will show up .but you go to start it wont load .just bad map

  3. Joachim Hans Næshave Christensen says:

    How do you find out which version of Farming Simulator 2015 you have? I really want this map to work, but I just can’t. Anyone please help me. I’m playing the game on a MacBook Pro 13″

    Best regards

    • jimmy says:

      I found out by check online. just go and edit the moddesc and change the verision to 20 and should work. some maps you do all that and it still don’t work. some maps have bad files and wont work

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