In v3.1 all unauthorized flying objects were removed.
A new savegame must not be started. But it would suggest that everything is displayed.
California Central Valley V3

I have the map revised agin. But this is at the moment my last update, because I want to devote myself to other projects. It has still errors t of the early days and it is too much work to fix them. The map as a learning project myself . I thank those who play my map and wish you much fun.

Danjelmc, and special thank to Dietz Modding for the feed truck

Californiav3_1_unzip.rar – 1.5 GB

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2 Responses

  1. 8370r says:

    Great work I love that map. But if it not difficult could you add all the plants to the growing stage to recognize them and to know how to harvest them?? Again the map is AWSOME!!

  2. piquemal says:

    probleme de perte de cultures et engints sur map!!!

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