California Central Valley v2.0

Update 01.03.2016
A lot of problems can be solved with the cooperation with Mellie.
In addition, I would like to say thank you to Ghost1968, Bauer beeping Brick, LWS fan for support.
It has new textures were installed. In addition, the Feldauftragsmod of BM-modding was installed.
Many bugs have been fixed. And the crash when exiting was also fixed. It was on a Buyable object.
The new water Texture I unfortunately had to take out again, because this performance had suffered extremely.
PDA was adjusted a little.

On the whole, the Map is now very playable.
update 12.25.2015
First thanks for all the feedback, I’m really glad that you like the map. Wanted so much realism to bring into the map, as it was possible for me. Unfortunately, the map has a lot of mistakes. And unfortunately I am as far as creating mods, still very inexperienced. (I’m a mechanic). As I said I’ve just been working times it happening (learning by doing) and now I am at a point where a professional is needed. That’s why I decided to release the Map, in the hope that someone fix the error and the crash when you leave the game, or maybe I can give an approach that I can try it myself.

I still have a 2 version uploaded, in which I have adapted the yield and Bga have a little improved. In addition, I also add a modpack.
California Map Beta Test
When I was in California on holiday, me the great agriculture has there so fascinated and inspired in the Central Valley, so I wanted to re-enact the whole prefer the simulator. But unfortunately are correct detailed USA Maps scarce. Although I have no idea of ??Mapbau absolutely, I have decided to it time to try and recreate a fictional California Map anyway. And in addition I wanted to expand the Agricultural Simulator with a little story.
For reasons of time I had to repeatedly interrupt, but before the map still dusty with me on the PC, I give it to play to the further construction and for improving free. The map certainly has its faults but I did my best.

You have chosen the slightly indebted wage companies’ Kinz Custom Chopping inc. “In California to buy. You take the small fleet and bring the operation back into shape in which they masse silage, grass, hay, straw and feed crops on the surrounding fattening farms (feed lot) and dairy farms sell. You can constantly expand their farm with new machinery, fields, farms, crops and manure storage, cattle and pig farm, and the other you can enter also into the milk business and buy a dairy farm up to 8,000 dairy cows and they can also be a feedlot with 10,000 cattle buy.

Currently built fruits:
• Wheat
• Barley
• Grass
• grain maize
• Beet
• Rape
• potatoes
• Clover
• Alfalfa
• Weed Weed
• Green swath
• Sunflowers
• Rye
• Oats
• Cotton
• Silage maize (maize01) spezial cutter


California_map_unzip.rar – 1.2 GB

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8 Responses

  1. juan says:

    hola no funciona este mods por k no

  2. sqd says:

    ne se lance pas charge indefiniment

  3. Matt says:

    Map wont load for some reasons, anybody have a guess why?

  4. CNB says:

    One reason why map isn’t loading is that there are too many mods, and some scripts required by this map is dumped by other scripts, required by other maps.
    The way I solved that- moved all previous mods from mods folder and filled it only with this new map and these mods/packs I really need.
    Great map!
    However, some trees are “hanging”.

  5. Eric says:

    Absolutely LOVE this map!!! Best I’ve played! THANK YOU to the author for putting together such a large well thought out map with sooooo much to do! I also love that the extra farms are buyable so it gives you something to work towards! My only issue is my fields don’t seem to grow??? Has anyone had this issue? I’ve played for several days in game with growth set at fast and my fields have not grown at all. I had this same issue with the previous version and now the new version 2. This map is PERFECT if I can just figure out why my fields do not seem to grow!!! Please help me and thank you!

  6. julien says:

    bonjour comment on ouvre les portail quelle mods il faut merci

  7. remyje says:

    slt julien pour ouvriere les portaille il faut le mods” annimation map trigger”

  8. Mike H says:

    Love the layout of the map. It has great potential. There are still some issues: 1) when using hired worker, the tractor does not hold a straight line; 2) Some of the equipment (JD cultivator, JD air seeder) appear to have bugs.

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