Californie Multifruits V1.1

Agriculture is a key sector of the US economy, the country being the first exporter and second largest importer.

Map: Multifruits

Arsenic Modding

Californie Multifruits V1.1 – 527.0 MB
Californie Multifruits V1 – 525.7 MB

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3 Responses

  1. goran says:

    hi i cant not start the map in farming simulator it want load there i have try many things

  2. -BJ says:

    My map loads but gates won’t open at Biogass plant. Have installed animation triggers in mod folder but still won’t work..Any Ideas???

    • GSimm says:

      I haven’t DLed this map, but have you tried walking up to the gate and hitting “o” (the letter, not the number)? The maps I’ve used Animated Triggers required you do to that.

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