Canadian Prairies Ultimate v3.2

This is a correction map for version 3 ultimate, you can replace the existing map in your mod folder and resume your game, -washers and steamer should be empty first.

Corrections: fields dimentions and prices, compostMaster PS, potato washers work after re-start and other little things.

Also I included the the capello hs 30 to which I move the attachement point down, cause I couldn’t pick it up again if I dropped it, I think you need it on this map. And all required mods to operate the map.
You need “Kotte_Universal_Pack” mod to fill all reservoirs on the map, mod no included.
Log with all included files has no errors and 1 warnings reported.
Thank you and Have fun farming!

Thanks to all modders for items, scripts and mods used on this map.

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  1. Sam says:

    That’s the Canadian flag on the American map…

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