Canadian Prairies Ultimate v4.1.0 MF

Canadian Prairies Ultimate 4.1 Multi Fruit

completed scenery, traffic, pedestrians, streets lights, traffic lights, trains, new young chicken stall, new town houses, road edges, mixfeeder and many corrections.
tested and log errors corrected.

Thanks to all modders for anything used to create this map.

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4 Responses

  1. Mayg says:

    When i cut the grass i get straw, why?

  2. TheOman says:

    same here. Only sollution is to delete your file. when you are collection the grass.
    But then the combines cant collect harvest like sunflower, grapes etc.
    So when you collected the grass reput the file in the mod map.

  3. mosdef says:

    Can’t cultivate or fertilize the soil

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