Canadian Prairies V4.1 beta.

Version 4 is a combination of all previous version build to 1 map with few thing added. It has 30 fields, 12 fruits also 4 secondary unload pits were built around the map so you dont have to drive to the main farm silo pit for far fields (marked red on pda map) and much more. This map covers alot of ground and very hard to correct all at once, So this is a beta version until all issues are corrected. Thamks for downloading.

This map has an issue with one layer (plowing layer) which I cannot resolve. It does not affet the entire map but only some areas at different angles and harder to notice once harvested. So I decided to advised you before downloading. The map is fully fonctionnal beside that and that all growth stages and foliages are not affected, only the plowing layer is acting strangly sometimes. I did not notice until the end of the build and have no other map of that size with no issues to rebuild.

renebqc, teser: Andrei – 886.4 MB

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  1. Steven Abell says:

    I tried installing this map. I placed the zip file in my mods folder and I also tried unzipping it. I have a different version of Canadian Praries map installed and working fine. Is there issues with having both installed simultaneously ? Please advise.

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