Case Ih 1455 V 2.0




Moin people, that’s a little surprise :). DC advance, it is not washable and has 4 warning which I unfortunately could not fix, BUT these errors affect the game in any case! He Makes no errors.

The Case ih has no weight or Fronthydraulik.Aber there are still verisonen with weight and front hydraulics come.

Here is a rough list of features I (mod shed / Jan-Bernd) have installed:
Doors and windows open
Animated -complete rear hydraulics
Animated -Auspuffklappe
-animated RPM display
Turn Signals, The interior
-And Much more

Not much more to say really net

Modell=shiny16|Motor:Mr Fox|Felge:3075|Umbau:Jan-Bernd/Mod Schuppen
Textur=Jan-Bernd/Mod Schuppen
Ingame=Jan-Bernd/Mod Schuppen
Sound= LudmillaPower,Jan-Bernd/Mod Schuppen
Und ingame ist auch von mir Mod Schuppen/Jan-Bernd
Konvertiert wurde die Grundversion von Remady
Diverse Kleinteile sind von Mr Fox
Der Sound ist von Ludmillapower – 45.7 MB

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