CaseIH 620 Quadtrac v 1.0 Prototype

Moin all of you.

Here I present you my private prototype prior to Case Base. the beast has power, a lot and looks correspondingly like :). Now he’s done but it would only have a few fine adjustments are made. it pulls all thanks to his Modivizierten engine with more than 2000PS. LS neighbors get scared even if you already pressed the horn, Risige slippers is standard, Nos standarts are naturally present. Red lights in aggressive look are already noticeable from around fear !!!!! what is exactly new, is the steering wheel lighting and footwell illumination. Of course it is in the development stage and there are still some things to come.

still important: permits are reservations, NOS mod can but please be disseminated using this download link. Stupid comments are not allowed here. Thank you
Soso friends Happy testing wishes Corsa D driver


v1.0 test phase: Start

v2.0 …..

Urmodell : GIANTS Software
Der Rest : Corsa D Fahrer – 14.2 MB

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  1. lecondors says:

    bonjour le quatrac est super par contresi vous pouvait le mettre en farming2017 merci

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