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What we fixed,
1 – added interior cameras
2 – Fixed pistons for all supports
3 – Completely replaced base collision
4 – Fixed Attacher lifts objects now, but manual attacher has error. It still works fine.
5 – Tweaked the motor settings
6 – Reskinned to Caterpillar
7 – Fixed wheel sliding
8 – Fixed Exterior Camera

original mod by zorlac fixes by FreeModsRUs! – 32.2 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Redneck Farmer says:

    It shows up in the store, but can’t be purchased, the problem could be it’s missing the the ( Cat Crane .xml ) file, so can you check the problem out, so it can be purchased.

  2. aaharrison says:

    Not enough Power to Move, Won’t even move if steering left or right. Needs fixing. Otherwise Not a bad Mod. Well done and keep up the good work….

  3. kevin says:

    how attachment object

  4. pista says:

    ez jó csak mire jó szántsak vele vagy mi?

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