CATERPILLAR 797B Dumper FS13 convert mod gravel for concrete and sand in FS15, CAT 797B carrying gravel and sand.


Uploadfiles: – 7.1 MB
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4 Responses

  1. Minero says:

    The modders have to create mods like this and work for the mod gravel and sand, as this mod but nothing I tried turning leaves no buy in the store and not so repetitive mods that are coming up for the FS15.

  2. Football says:

    Talk about low quality.

  3. Minero says:

    I tried to make it work but it is useless, I followed the tutorial step by step to do the conversion but no use, I also have really wanted to enjoy it to the mod sand and gravel lack machinery mining, would be great to create mods for it .

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