Extended features

• Pig and beef mod and cattle market
• Water mod
• Milk mod
• Soilmod ready
• New farm (Meadow Valley Farm)
• Improvements to Chellington Farm
• Forest and Lumberyard etc
• Two grain sell points
• More animated objects and sounds ( trains, planes, animals etc )
• Bigger map with plenty more to do and see
• New grass and barley textures with windrow changes
• This map has now been optimised so you should see 10-20fps increase over Chellignton 1.1

( I have changed the water plain to a static version to free up fps but people with high spec computers can import the HD dynamic water plain through giants editor if you wish. The id3 file is at /models/waterplanehigh/waterplane.id3)

Map makers Petorious (Initial stages) Oxygendavid Testers Lead tester profarmer40 Testers JDB14 Benw11 dave101 egghead – 482.3 MB

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  1. blest says:

    its nice

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