Extended features

• Pig and beef mod and cattle market
• Water mod
• Milk mod
• Soilmod ready
• New farm (Meadow Valley Farm)
• Improvements to Chellington Farm
• Forest and Lumberyard etc
• Two grain sell points
• More animated objects and sounds ( trains, planes, animals etc )
• Bigger map with plenty more to do and see
• New grass and barley textures with windrow changes
• This map has now been optimised so you should see 10-20fps increase over Chellignton 1.1

( I have changed the water plain to a static version to free up fps but people with high spec computers can import the HD dynamic water plain through giants editor if you wish. The id3 file is at /models/waterplanehigh/waterplane.id3) – 482.3 MB

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  1. dave says:

    This map is fantastic, the detail , the sounds, its great, BUT its not course play friendly some of the time, its the dam collision detection on the bushes around the fields, walls trees cars I can understand but not the bushes , course play cant see them and will drive into the bushes to turn and then gets stuck, would be great if you could remove the collision around the fields,,, one other thing the pigs and calf don’t seem to show up in the other farm , I got 20 of each but cant find or see them…other than that 9/10 for this map…. dave

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