Claas Direct Disc 620 v1.1



Hello Claas fans!
Offer you here at the Claas Direct Disc 620 Multi:
Orginale X disc with Claas Skin (model of Oimel, permission for upload is available)

Skin for Claas
It shreds grass, wheat, barley, canola, oats, rye, green wheat, spelled, triticale, clover, alfalfa and makes shredded. (Chops and weeds)
Working width: 6.2m
Working speed: 15 km / h
Revised attacher (fits original crown BigX 1100 also)
Price: 38.000 €
€ / day: 50 €
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wish you repair-free shredding and good earnings!

Mod can without changes and with org. DL link available anywhere!

Giants/Oimel/Güllemax – 22.3 MB

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