Claas Jaguar Black Edition Texture v1.0

Hi guys,
Today I release my first mod, and although there are textures for the Claas Jaguar from MB3D modeling. My textures let the jaguar in a Black Edition looks. My role model was the Jaguar in the above inserted video. As I have also a few things that I like umgskinnt so, but not so are on the Jaguar in real.

First you unzipped the Jaguar
Then then you add a folder ,, my textures ” in the Jaguar. Important !!! rewrite the folder NOT!
Then save all back to .zip Darei
Add this to the mod folder
Have fun!

Here is the link of the Jaguar:–14
Whom the textures do not like, they should not download too!
The other fun! 😉


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