Claas Lexion 600 Pack FS15 v2


1. Claas Lexion 620 Normal and TT
2. Claas Lexion 630 normal and TT
3. Claas Lexion 650 Normal and TT
4. Claas Lexion 660 Normal and TT
5. Claas Lexion 670 Normal And TT

Trailers For Cutter
Claas Vario pack and Claas Sunflower
Open Bonnet
Open engine cover
Dust from the Weel
Analog and Digital Rpm Display
Full animated
Full whashable
Multyplayer supported

Model: Vasilvasilis
Author: Mr.Dinamit88_SFM|–|lookee86_SiiD_SFM|–|LuxFarm_and_SIID|–

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