Power 210 hp The speed of 26 km / h. Lighting, electronic speedometer and tachometer, working mirror, left the door open, animation pulleys, fan and PTO leaves traces of dust under the wheels.
Removes: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sunflower.
Hopper capacity: 10,100 liters.
Included header. Working width: 6 m.
Removes: wheat, barley, canola.
Included stacker.
It makes round bales of straw (wheat and barley), capacity: 7,000 liters.
Also included is a trailer for the header.
All washable, except trailer for header.

LF-Modding, RedFox Modding Crew Stacker: igorela21

Vector410kopnitel.rar – 30.2 MB

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