New Hooland Cr10.90 v.3.2

Version 3.2:
– Fix header
– Added backtrack for baling tools
– 4x Rotors added on right of Grain tank
– Graintank capacity 92000 tons
– Max speed 60 km/h
– Max harversting speed 25km/h

Last version 3.0:
– x8 Rotors more efficient
– New Holland Header width 20m
– Max harvesting speed increase at 25km/h
– Animated rotors
– Hand animation
– Pto rotors
– Crawler 4×4

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4 Responses

  1. egon says:

    the mod does not work , not that pressing the game folder

  2. zVoxty says:

    I really dont know at me work very fine, update farming simulator maybe this can be the problem…

  3. Ron says:

    Can’t find cutter that was fixed no cutter xml file

  4. patryk says:

    Bardzo duży i pojemny kombajn taki jakiego potrzebuje w mojej grze farming simulator

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