Coneyour Pack v 3.2.7



1x telescopic loader conveyor belt Fixed
1x front loader conveyor belt Fixed

Marhu script has been fixed by me and is now running error-free and safe crash
Skin was changed
both bands have a universal coupling for front / Telelader
indivituelle color choice when buying
all standard fruits implemented Seeds + / Seeds2 / Lime

HappyLooser-marhu – 1.3 MB

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5 Responses

  1. danibw0i says:

    Was this the same problem as with Front Loading Conveyor Belt For Wood Chips V 3.2.6? Cause I currently have problems with it. Whenever I wanna start collecting silage via the front of a tractor, I lose all controls ingame and have to kill it via taskmanager. The following error msg is spamming endlessly in the logs when it happens: Error: Running LUA method ‘update’. C:/Users/danibw0i/Documents/my games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//FrontloaderConveyor/Conveyorunload.lua:154: attempt to index field ‘objectFound’ (a nil value)

    Can I use this instead and will it have the same function as the above mentioned?

    • danibw0i says:

      Also, would it be possible to have this work as a tractor frontloader? So it can be used for hauling silage from the ground and into a tipper? Just like the Front Loading Conveyor Belt For Wood Chips V 3.2.6 which is no longer working properly?

  2. danibw0i says:

    When I try to use this on silage like with the 3.2.6 – I lose all ingame controls and the following is spammed endlessly in the logs:
    Error: Running LUA method ‘update’. C:/Users/danibw0i/Documents/my games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//ConveyorPack/Conveyorunload.lua:131: attempt to index local ‘trailer’ (a nil value)

  3. danibw0i says:

    Ok, I tried this instead of the previous and I get the same problem. Only difference is, now the error message says: 131 instead of 154.

  4. danibw0i says:

    Sorry for spam, there is sumthin wrong with messages not showing.

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