Conveyor belt Pack V 3.31


version 3.31
Universal Multifruit -alten Conveyor transport Railer added -fix

HappyLooser-marhu – 2.5 MB

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  1. Seth says:

    I have found no issues with this as of yet. I dug this up to find a way to efficiently move silage to the bio plant. Upon further examination, I have noticed you can make your silage at the bio plant storage areas, four of them. much closer transport. Still this conveyor is useful with out being a big change to the way the game plays out.

    Critics: I find two items of small issue to point out. One, it seems this conveyor has not weight, if I was to make a sharp turn on my tractor forklift, I flip. I have a few times. I can do donuts with this thing on top and my tractor doesn’t flip. Maybe its not a mechanic that can be added, but I thought I would mention it. Second, there is no connection to the tractor’s drive shaft that I would assume spin the conveyor belts, Not a big issue, but it does take a bit of the realism from the machine. Other than those to small points. I give this addition my recommendation to any one trying to figure out a good way to move silage into the receptacle.

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