Corn Belt 16x v0.9

Welcome to the “Corn Belt” or better known as the granary of the United States.
You expect Fields with up to 600ha. Here is the first aspect to the field economy.

– Warehousing of chopped fixed
– PDA map new
– Icons for oilfield, water station and fields sale
– Revised Cattle
(-Anlieferung Of calves instead of milk)
(Beigelgt -Platzierbare veal crates, herewith are the calves for beef Bred)
– Field Definition adapted in some fields
adapted filters terrain at some –
– TrafficSplines adjusted
Fixed and few small things –

!!!!! No new savegame necessary !!!!!!!

#Letzte Version LS15 #

Required Mod:
“MixFeeder” download link =…-Feeder-V-2-01/
“Multivitamin128” download link =
“AnimationMapTrigger” download link =
“BGA silo by Heady” download link =…21162&pageNo=1?
“Kotte Universal Pack V3.2 =
“Fliegl Livestock Pack V2.1 =
“Öl_Trailer_by_Kastor =
“ZZZ_multiFruit” download link =–4
“ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Corn_Belt” download link = “the Map Located in. In the folder # # modfolder”

Recommended Mod:
“IT Service Runner construction =
“Pickup service car =

Oh … you need the dlc and addons for ls15 since start vehicles used by Dennen.
Who has no DLC, is for the provided savegame and copy for content in an unused savegame with you.
So, now I hope you have fun while plowing. !!!

Marhu,Kastor,Farmer_Andy,seba j,Mannie313,El_Cid,Ifkonator,,Bluebaby210,Giants

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  1. Pappelhof says:

    Das ist die beste Map die bis jetzt im Landwirtschafts Simulator erschaffen wurde. Und dies seit dem Anfang 2008. Grosse Kompliment dem Erschaffer. Es hat zwar ein paar kleinigkeiten die man besser machen könnte. Zb. die Schafe haben kein Wasser, es fehlen Bepflanzungen, dann hat es keine zusätzlichen Tiere usw.

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