Country Of Fruits V1

So dear players.
Mach longer break did you a very hilly 4x Map.
She is a Multifruit Map with many fruits (28).

To Map: – were built
Mod water – drinking cows – sheep
Pigs – cattle fattening
Feed stores
Manure storage

If stem loop

triticale Soybean Millet flour =
Malwerk BGA
Rye Spelt flour = greenwheat
wheat sunflower oat milk sugar water corn bread + = Spiralnudeln
barley hops wheat beer =
Sugarcane Sugarbeet Sugar =
Wood Wood chips = boards
redcabbage onion whitecabbage potato pasta spirals = soups
Wood factory
Wood chips Wood pellets flour =
Wheat Rye grape brandy water =

There are 11 outlets for the products
Your possesses 4 meadows with forest
All other fields must be purchased
The PDA works and the Farzeuge Resetting goes
Any fruit can be stored on the farm
There was also space left for Plaziebare Obiekte (See pictures)
The included PDA numbers on the fields of the purchase price for

Should questions arise should you look at first the images look then
are many questions superfluous (for example – I do not find that)

NB Some fields are grubbed and sprayed planted some
Harvesting can them anyway if you yourself track (not with helpers)
Since you can not see the growth times of additional fruits in the info window, it was so made that
all fields if you can harvest them shine in a particular GREEN

Thank I want to thank all their Obiekte I have installed

Multi Overlay
UniversalProcessKit Mod–2
AAA_64erFix for fruit and Filltypes raising

Required Modpack


Many thanks to Wolfgang and Frieder
See for yourself what you could do even more.
Requests or suggestions as always to me by PN – will try to fulfill all when it comes.
MFG Walter
PS On our own behalf For information hir my TS3 data

It may only be used in the original download link !!!!!
This map must not somewhere else uploaded or altered without permission.
It is forbidden to take things from the map and the items somewhere upload
It is to take things from the Map Allows to incorporate them into a map and upload-would be nice if I will mention
It may only be used the original download link !!


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